Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Intro: A Look Back at the Summer Season

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Hey everybody! Thomas here to thank everyone for making my piece in our Marvel vs. D.C. debate the winner. As a consolation for winning, I am in charge of presenting what we have next up. As we enter September and look at some high scale films, it would almost be too easy to forget about the past few weeks. In fact, we're not having a contest this time around, but instead looking at two different sides of the summer movie season.
With reports on Box Office Mojo of the summer season reaching record highs at $4.76 Billion (with a "B"), there is little doubt that you missed out on the happenings that occurred between this past May with the launch of Iron Man 3 and this August with Elysium. There were plenty of highs and lows and to many people's surprise, a Johnny Depp movie tanked. 
As our brief history will show, Mike and I share different opinions when it comes to film in general. This summer season proved to be no different (though I believe mine was largely based on lack of quality products) and saw us taking some unexpected sides. From popcorn fare with big budgets and loud explosions to independent films with moving characters, this summer compacted a large portion of entertainment into one interesting hit and miss ratio of a summer.
So feel free to check out pieces and leave some feedback of what your favorite flicks of the summer were. Maybe you are more like Mike and enjoyed the big and noisy fun films that came out week-to-week. There were plenty to choose from, and while I come off as a sourpuss, I assure you that it has given my Netflix queue plenty of titles come winter.

So even if your only excuse for seeing a movie this past summer was to escape the heat, please feel free to share your thoughts, check out our thoughts, and feel free to join us in discussion of what you thought of this summer. Feel free to share your recommendations. Even if you the highlight was having a crazy guy in your theater, feel free to share. As the Beach Boys proved with their underrated hit "Drive In," there's a lot of fun to be had watching a film.

Check out our pieces here:

Hope that you enjoy and I look forward to whatever the Fall may give us.

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