Friday, July 26, 2013

DC Makes the Best Superhero Movies

I don’t really read comic books. They don’t appeal to me that much and most of the few that I have read are of the French “Asterix et Obelix” issues. But I have seen quite a few movies based on comic books and even though I don’t feel like I know the universes just because I have seen a few films, I definitely recognize how rich and artful the stories can be. The DC cinematic universe Is quite Versatile; most of the films might be superhero films but there are many films that are more dramatic in nature and show the true potential of comic book storytelling. Films like “V for Vendetta” “Constantine” “Road to Perdition” “A History of Violence” in my opinion show a great potential for expansion in their universe.

Marvel Makes the Best Superhero Movies

Photo courtesy of FrontArmy
There is little debate that superhero movies are here to stay. Even more-so is the fact that Marvel is most likely to be the biggest reason. Just look at the box office receipts. The Avengers made $1.5 billion internationally and this year’s Iron Man 3 was no chump either with $1.2 billion. The studio is a behemoth in terms of capital gain. There is no end in sight and if last weekend’s Comic Con proves anything, it is that everyone wants a piece of the pie. This is a cultural milestone that has never been seen before. Why is that? Risks.

Marvel Vs DC

Our Star Wars contest might have been slow but I did manage to win more votes so that makes me the winner of the very first contest here on Films with Friends. So now that that is over, we have for you round 2 of the interactive articles.

Comic Con has made some very interesting announcements. Not only has “The Avengers 2” officially been given a title “The Age of Ultron” but the next Superman movie has confirmed that Batman will be in it. Although to casual viewers all this means nothing, to people who follow movie news these are both very important stories. It does seem silly that people go crazy over a title but I liken it to the stock market, the smallest decision a business can make can affect the stock. Here at Films With Friends it has us thinking; If The Avengers 2 and the Superman, Batman crossover are announced around the same time what will this mean for the two rival enterprises? And also, overall who makes the better movies? Does Marvel beat out DC because of how well the movies can co exist? Does DC beat out Marvel Just because of Christopher Nolan?

 Well there really is no right answer because that would be comparing two very different tings believe it or not. First of all how would we compare them? Would we take the best movie from each side and whoever wins takes the trophy? Should we measure total box office and give the win to the highest moneymaker? It’s almost like asking which one of the characters would win in a fight, something that always stirs up the nerd community.

Well we are going to let you the readers decide again. Both of us wrote an article about the two sides of the coin. I made the case that DC was better and Tom made the case that Marvel is better. So read up and vote. Here is the case for DC and here is the case for Marvel